The Use of Cinema as a Didactic Strategy in History Teaching: An Independent Approach to the Proper Use of Audiovisual Resources.Specific Case of Study: World War II


Jorge Fymark Vidovic Lopez
Dayanet Jussy Chourio López


Cinema as a didactic strategy in the teaching of history. An independent approach to the appropriate use of the audiovisual resource. Specific case study: World War II seeks to explore the advantages of cinema as a didactic tool in the teaching of history. The origins of cinematography and the effects it has on the viewer are analyzed. The theoretical basis is taken from the perspectives of specialists in the field of cinematography and previous experiences using the film forum as a learning tool. In practice, a lower preference for long and old documentaries and a greater receptivity to documentaries and films produced by commercial companies was observed. It was also confirmed that learning is more meaningful when supported by audiovisual resources. Finally, we reflect on the meaning of educating through film and provide guidelines for the promotion of documentaries and other audiovisual productions.

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Dr. Jorge Fymark Vidovic López

Editorial Director


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mayo 2, 2024